Name: Emiel Sleegers
Gender: Male
Born: March 3rd 1996
Location: United Kingdom
Nationality: Netherlands
Languages: Dutch and English


Unity3d - Autodesk 3DSMax - PhotoShop - xnormal - Marmoset-Toolbag 2 - Autodesk Mudbox - Zbrush - World Machine - Maya3d - Cryengine 3 - Substance designer - Substance painter - Unreal Engine 4

About Me:

Welcome! This is my portfolio and I am really excited that you are visiting.
I am a 3d-artist: environment modeler, texture artist and hard-surface modeler.
My interest in 3d art started in 2011, after i was looking at how to make your own game level.
From that time on I taught myself to model and I specialized in Environment modeling.
I have a passion for digital artwork, plus a drive to consistently learn and this helps me to keep motivated and to always try to get better in what I do.
At the age of just 19 i scored my first AAA studio job at Playground games where i was the youngest employee, And that is something i am personaly very proud of.

Feel free to take a look at my portfolio and I hope you enjoy it!
Please visit my blog for more artwork and regular updates!
For questions or comments you can always contact me on my e-mail: