Mechanical Arm

Here is a Mechanical Arm i made for fun and to improve my skill set. i made this using 3ds max, Substance Painter and rendered the final in Marmoset Toolbag 2
Mailbox_01 Mailbox_01 Mailbox_01 Mailbox_01

Modular Walls

These are some game ready modular walls i made for a bigger project. made using 3ds max, Zbrush, substance desinger and rendered in Marmoset toolbag 2


I was planning with these props to make a bigger environment around it but due to not enough time it faded away in the background.
made using 3ds max, substance painter and marmoset toolbag 2 Container Container Container Container Container

Sci-fi Machine

This is a sci-fi machine i made to practice my high poly and texturing skills.
This model is low poly and game ready.
Made using Maya3d - Substance designer - Marmoset toolbag and a bit of photoshop Container

US Mailbox

I Made this prop to test out my workflow/texture skills.
Programs used: 3ds max - Substance desinger And painter - marmoset toolbag 2.
This model has 3000 Verts and 4500 Tris. Mailbox_01 Mailbox_01 Mailbox_01